Petroleum Technology, Inc. (“PetroTech”), is a company that offers a wide range of mobile, in-plant, and on-line oil purification equipment employing its proprietary vacuum distillation process to utilize an innovative dialysis approach in removing all contaminants (water, particulates and gas). PetroTech’s technological advantage in the field of oil reclamation has gained the company the reputation as being the supplier of leading edge technology in the field of fluid purification.


Reclamated OilDon't throw out another drop of used lubricating or hydraulic oil until you contact us.

In 99% of all applications, the oil you pay to haul away and replace can be reused over and over... indefinitely. We’re not talking about filtration, we’re talking about the total reclamation provided by PetroTech’s unique method of restoring your oil to a condition equal or better than the day you bought it.

Stop worrying about oil disposal and lubricant related equipment failures. Typically, just by reducing oil purchase costs, the PetroTech System, will pay for itself in less than one year.

However, oil cost savings is just the tip of the iceberg! What is not usually realized is that the damage caused by contaminants such as particulates, water and air is insidious. It is often overlooked as a source of failure because its impact is usually slow and imperceptible yet, given time; these contaminants actually eat the machine up from the inside out. People just do not look at contaminated oil as the silent killer that it actually is.

Therefore, the real savings realized from the use of the super purified oil produced by the PetroTech process are twofold: (1) reduction in component wear costs, and most significantly, (2) reduction in production downtime costs.

What sets PetroTech apart from our competitors is a process that we call "Machinery Dialysis". As the name implies the PetroTech mobile Oil Reclamation System is connected to the plant's hydraulically driven machinery (such as machine tools, stamping equipment etc.), while the plant's machinery remains on line and in production. This allows you to flush the plant's equipment and remove all the particulates, water, and gases that are trapped in the plant's machinery system itself, while it remains in production.

The advantages of your implementing a “Machinery Dialysis” program are far greater than simply cleaning the oil in the reservoir and system and savings in oil costs. Implementation of the dialysis program on a regular basis removes contaminants as they are generated, thus preventing wear of internal components of your operating machinery, and ultimately reducing unscheduled downtime and maintenance.

With production downtime costs confirmed by clients to be anywhere from $10,000 per hour to as much as $50,000 per hour, this can mean significant savings in manufacturing costs through increased productivity, and reduced machinery maintenance due to increased life of internal components. Additional savings are realized through substantial reductions in oil purchases and disposal costs.

Summarizing, most of the companies that have implemented our technology have reported the following savings:

  • Reduction in Component Wear Costs.
  • Reduction in Production Downtime Costs.
  • Reduced Labor Costs.
  • Reduction in Oil Purchase Costs.
  • Reduction in Oil Disposal Costs.

Customers of PetroTech realize substantial financial savings through extended component life and increased productivity resulting from the oil dialysis that the equipment provides. A list of the industrial oils that can be treated by the PetroTech process is shown below.

Types of oils that can be reclaimed:

Hydraulic Oil Refrigeration Quench Oil Transmission
Transformer Compressor Heat Transfer Vacuum Pump
Turbine Lube Oil Underground Transmission Oil Synthetic Phosphate Ester Cutting
(Straight oils only)
Gear Oil Machine Oil Synthetic Diesters Paper Lube Oil

(Not recommended for use with Crankcase Motor Oils)


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